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Red Riley
Shane "Red" Riley's corpse.
Biographical information
Full name Shane Riley
Other names Red
Died 2019
Camp Pioneer, Oregon, United States
Cause of Death Killed by Deacon St. John
Profession Drifter
Supply runner
Affiliations Iron Mike (formerly)
Location Oregon, United States
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
In-game information
Appears in Days Gone

Shane "Red" Riley is a minor character featured in Days Gone. He is a former supply runner for the Lost Lake encampment as well as a bounty target during the storyline A Goddamn War Zone.


Early life[]

Ain't no one gonna disrespect Red Riley. No, sir!
Shane Riley, on his reputation and method of operation.

Nothing is known of Red's early life. Following the outbreak in 2017, he has survived by drifting between established survivor camps, eventually settling in the Lost Lake camp run by Iron Mike. He earned is nickname "Red" on account of his trademark red-dyed rattlesnake boots. He was a runner working for the Lost Lake camp until one day he decided that he was deeply unsatisfied with the camp credits he was being paid. Red killed the supplier, Lindsey Fuller, by shooting her in the face, and cleaned out her supply hut and took off before anyone knew what has happened.

The Lost Lake settlers soon learned about Red's murder in which Rikki Patil hired Deacon St. John to hunt down Red. Deacon tracked down and killed Red along with his men at Camp Pioneer, and taking Red's boots as proof of kill.


Shane Riley wore a dark gray hooded parka, army green cargo pants, and rattlesnake leather boots, for which he was known. He was a Boss Brawler armed with a Fire Axe.


  • Red Riley is a tobacco chewer. According to Rikki, he is such an addict that he would resort to round up cigarette butts, takes out the tobacco, and chews it.
  • After Red Riley is killed, Iron Mike would later radio Deacon and expressed his disappointment for not bringing in Red alive.
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