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  Should Have Seen It Coming is a mission in Days Gone.


Escape Ripper territory to get back to your bike.


  • Return to the Iron Ridge Trailhead.
  • Return to your bike.


Ripped Apart[]

We used to ride out here all the time, me and Sarah, to the resort. She used to work just down the road, at Cloverdale, and we'd ride through in the evening. Something about a golf course, all that green grass, white sand. Ponds, streams. Like riding through a park. Sarah couldn't get enough of it. But look at it now.

You're Safe Now[]

Before I left, I found her again, Lisa. I couldn't get her to come with me, but at least I talked her into running away from that Ripper camp. I didn't want her to be there when I come back, and slaughter the lot of them. I didn't want her to see that. She's seen enough. I hope she makes it, wherever she goes.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Like I said. Skizzo. Selling me out to Carlos. I should have seen it coming.


  • The mission start time 3:00am. The mission ends at 4:00am. The weather is clear.