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The following is the list of skills available in Days Gone.

List of skills[]

Melee combat skills[]

Icon Name Description Requirements
Bull Rush Ability to stun a normal human Enemy or Swarmer with a melee attack while sprinting.
Busted Up Regenerates stamina for every melee kill.
Escape Artist Kill smaller Enemies after successfully escaping from a grapple. 1 Skill Point
Executioner Ability to stealth attack heavy Freakers. Also adds the ability to kill Heavy Freakers and large animals while escaping a Grapple.
Field Repairs Ability to repair melee weapons with scrap. 1 Skill Point
Hard Hitter Increases the damage of both crafted and found melee weapons.
Home Run Significantly increases the damage of both crafted and found melee weapons.
Juice Up Improves the initial recovery and duration of a Stamina Cocktail. 1 Skill Point
Just Roll With It Drastically reduces stamina cost from rolling.
Lightning Reflexes Ability to roll quickly to recover from a knockdown.
Retribution Increases the chance of a critical hit or takedown by 25%.
Rock On Ability to stun weaker enemies by hitting them with a rock.
Switch It Up Boot knife combos do twice the normal damage.
Talk Shit, Get Hit Ability to perform longer combos with melee weapons.
The Reckoning Gives melee weapons a chance for a critical takedown on humans, Swarmers, and Newts. Does not work with the Boot Knife.

Ranged combat skills[]

Icon Name Description Requirements
Crowd Control Reduces the cooldown of Focus.
Deadshot Increased ranged weapon accuracy.
Fight And Flight Move and aim a ranged weapon with more precision. 1 Skill Point
Focused Shot Ability to active Focus while aiming a ranged weapon. 1 Skill Point
Head Rush Headshot kills recover health.
Hyperfocus Improves the initial recovery and duration of a Focus Cocktail.
Iron Grip Significantly reduces ranged weapon recoil.
Nocked Up Significantly increases crossbow bolt damage.
On The Move Ability to reload ranged weapon while sprinting.
Quick Reload Reduces the reload times for ranged weapons.
Suppressing Fire When in Focus, ranged weapons will have an increased power to stop weaker enemies.
Two Birds, One Bullet Increases projectile penetration for ranged weapons.
Under Pressure No longer consume Focus when reloading a ranged weapon.
Up The Ante Increases ammo capacity for all ranged weapons.
Vicious Cycle Ability to follow a melee attack with a ranged attack for massive damage. 1 Skill Point

Survival skills[]

Icon Name Description Requirements
Carry That Weight Increases inventory space for crafting components, traps, and throwables.
Catch Your Breath Reduces cooldown on stamina recovery.
Eagle-Eyed Increases the range of Survival Vision.
Ear To The Ground Outlines enemies in Survival Vision.
Eye For Detail Increases the time that icons display in Survival Vision. 1 Skill Point
Green Thumb Ability to gather double the plants when collecting them.
Hawkeyed Plants are displayed on the Mini-map. 1 Skill Point
Monkey Wrench Doubles the effectiveness of scrap while repairing the bike.
Second Wind Gives an extra burst of adrenaline when low on health.
Shape Up Significantly increase stamina regeneration rates.
Six Feet Over Regain some stamina when taking damage.
The Alchemist Improves the initial recovery and duration of a Health Cocktail.
The Butcher Increases the amount of meat gathered from animals.
Thief In The Night Generate less noise when moving or dropping.
Thorn In Your Side Provides a chance to retrieve some bolts that have been fired from your crossbow. 1 Skill Point

Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Don't Stop Me Now Don't Stop Me Now Unlock your first skill Bronze
I'm Out Of Control I'm Out of Control Unlock 15 skills Bronze
Mr. Fahrenheit Mr. Fahrenheit Unlock 45 skills Silver
There's No Stopping Me There's No Stopping Me Unlock 30 skills Bronze