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  Smoke on the Mountain is a mission in Days Gone.


Take on a Marauder camp.


  • Locate the camp.
  • Clear the camp.


He's My Brother[]

I cleared out that group of Marauders on the north side of the mountain. They were like all the others, a bunch of murderers and thieves. I think they're part of the group that's been hitting supply runs throughout the Cascades. They won't be hitting O'Leary Mountain again. I made sure of that.

Marauder Camp Hunter[]

Like I said, a safe house is never safe, not really, not as long as there are Drifters and Vagrants, thieves and murderers the lot of them, looking to move in, kill you, take everything you have. We've run into this group before, weeks ago, saw them moving around the mountain, staking us out. To survive out here, you have to be good at killing. They were good, just not good enough.