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Snowbrush Ranch Alpaca Farm is a tourist collectible in Days Gone.


A brochure about alpaca farming, found at Snowbrush Ranch in Iron Butte.



Visit the Snowbrush Ranch
Open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 2pm

Alpacas are considered to be one of the world's finest livestock, producing textiles from their fleece that are always in demand. They are charismatic companions, do well in small farms and homes, and provide income from fleece production and breeding.

More compact than their cousin, the llama, alpacas produce a higher quality fleece that can be used in clothing production. They're also popular show animals and are incredibly diverse, boasting a large variety of coat color.

As companions, alpacas are curious, loving, and easy to train, making them great pets and livestock for people of all ages and experience levels.

When starting your own alpaca farm, there's much to consider. First, we recommend visiting your local alpaca farms for a firsthand look at your future. There, you'll be able to review the environments in which your local farms raise their alpacas, get advice, and get some experience.

Once you've made your decision, it's worth spending time with a business consultant to secure funding. Alpaca farming is a rewarding and wonderful lifestyle, but it takes considerable funding to get it off the ground, especially if you don't already own your own acreage or have a farm.

From there, you'll need to secure your lodgings. You'll need a small ranch of acreage, with a barn or shelter for your alpacas. This land will need to be able to support their needs, keep them warm in the winter, and give them adequate shelter during the evening.

If you're interested in alpaca ownership but can't afford the cost of owning and maintaining a ranch, you can also place your alpacas in the care of a breeder. For a monthly fee, breeders will handle the boarding and feeding of your alpaca, letting you focus on training and socialization. There are benefits to owning your own ranch, but by keeping your alpaca with a breeder, you can save considerable money on ranch maintenance. We highly recommend this option if you're looking to only own one or two alpacas. (Snowbrush Ranch is a certified alpaca breeding and boarding facility. Please contact us if interested.)

There are quite a few other things to consider when starting your alpaca farm, such as shelter, paddocks, pastures, access to electricity and veterinary care, livestock trailers and transportation, equipment, shearing supplies, feed storage and processing, and irrigation, among many others. Make sure to inquire with the Alpaca Owner Alliance or with your friends at Snowbrush Ranch for consultation and additional information.

We look forward to welcome you to the alpaca family soon!

We at Snowbrush Ranch not only breed alpacas for their fleece, but also for their showmanship. All of our eligible alpacas are trained and shown around Oregon, and many of them are of award winning quality. We take breeding and training very seriously here and are committed to our animals.

Rates for purchasing Snowbrush alpacas are dependent on lienage, age, coat, and pedigree. Contract us for rates and prices.