Days Gone Wiki

General Info[]

The Special Weapons permanently occupy the third weapon slot, allowing the Player to have a total of 3 firearms for each type, aside their melee weapon and knife. They can be purchased from Encampments by credits or be picked up by fallen special enemies that use them.

Special Weapon Types:[]

Sniper Rifles - They have high damage output, range, and accuracy, but reloads a little slow. For those who plan to take out enemies by long range. Also suitable for stealth once a special suppressor is purchased from the shop.

Crossbows - The most silent type weapon, with each type of bolts that are crafted commonly throughout the world. For beginning or veteran players who have issues with stealth and plans to take out the enemy or prey silently.

Heavy Machine Guns - Most recommendable weapons for aggressive/offensive strategies or all-out action. Powerful for close-medium ranges, but becomes inaccurate, and has the highest capacity and consumes special ammo really quick. Suitable for hordes or powerful enemies.

Strategies for Sniper Rifles[]

Sniper rifles are good for long-range combat (or stealth kills, unless a special suppressor is purchased) and are efficient for those who plan on inflicting maximum output of damages such as headshots as possible. The reload times for these weapons can be quick, but sometimes a bit janky, and can be mitigated through a Reload Speed skill upgrade, which makes reloading Sniper Rifles effortless. It requires patience and perseverance, since applies to crossbow as well.

Enemies can wield Sniper Rifles in certain ambush camps that the player come across to, since they have a laser module in their guns, but are slow since they rely on their laser to ensure precise hits. In harder difficulties, enemy snipers can be fatal and may have a chance to kill the player quickly. Running away in an open field is an ill choice, since the enemy can catch up and shoot an escaping player. Playing in cat-and-mouse tactics against the enemy sniper by going near or close as possible are doable enough since enemy snipers can be stationary and sometimes move to another spot for safety, should the player lack a sniper rifle.

Their penetration power will start from moderate to excellent, since they can punch through one to two enemies from behind, and good against armor. The only armor-killing weapon that has the highest damage output and penetration power is none other than the .50 BFG, which makes it a good endgame Sniper Rifle that can be acquired by the Wizard Island Encampment shop.

Strategies for Heavy Machine Guns[]

Heavy Machine Guns are most suited choice for Horde exterminating or all guns blazing against enemy humans. The damage and magazine capacity for these weapons is from moderate-high to highest enough to eliminate hordes for players who have skills and the means to kill a Freaker Horde, but requires endurance, agility, and distance. The disadvantage for this type of weapons is their nature of being ammo-hungry, consuming ammo faster, and becoming inaccurate for firing in long periods. Their reloads can be a bit slow without the Reload Speed skill upgrade for Special Weapons. They can be paired with Napalm Molotov and Grenades to whittle down parts of a Horde, giving the player a window to distance, reload, and resume thinning down the Horde.