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Teensy Tabby is the sixth of Sarah's Lab Notes. It is automatically rewarded in This Could Be It.


Sarah's lab notes about her failures on her serum and how she'll move forward.


Lab note two one one. Two one — one? Or two eleven? Oh God, who gives a shit, no one's going to listen to these but me. So, serum test one point zero was — it was a fucking disaster. Deacon, he somehow managed to bring me the kid that I asked for. And — yeah — I mean, I — I never though it about until he brought it up — but — you know, these — these have always been kids to me. Even the one who stabbed me.

But this one — she — on one of the first runs that I did for Matt — when I first got to the island — I saw this kid — a — a — a female subject, and — I mean, she was probably ten, eleven years old when she got infected, and — she was wearing one of those cartoon shirts that were really popular a couple of years ago — "Teensy Tabby."

I remembered that, and — and — you know, I made this now — because my little sister had one just like it. She wore until she — she literally — wore it out and my mom made her toss it. Shit — anyway, uh — for the last few months, I've kept tabs on her. I mean, taking samples, watching her, sending patrols out to follow them. I don't know what I was thinking — I dunno, I mean, maybe that she would be the first to — oh, God, it doesn't matter now. I've killed her. I have killed her along with everybody else.

At least Deacon knows the truth now. That I'm not building Matt any Goddamn bioweapon. And I — I wouldn't do it for Cloverdale and I'm — sure as fuck not gonna do it for any Goddamn Militia. I didn't tell Deacon at first because I — I don't know. I mean, if I — if I was gonna hang for lying, and sabotage — whatever the hell — I was gonna hang alone.

I guess it doesn't matter. Because we're going AWOL — if we get caught — like I told him — they will hang us. Oh, shit — somebody's here. Matt? Uh — Colonel Garret — wait, hey, what are you doing? Hey — Lieutenant, get your hands off me — what — what's going on? Matt? Matt — Goddammit —