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  That's His Mistake is a mission in Days Gone.


Fight marauders outside the Lucky Lad Mine.


  • Clear the area of Marauders.



Earning Our Keep[]

Just when I was thinking Skizzo might be okay, he proves me wrong, again. So he wants to go up against Iron Mike? Rikki, Addy, the others? Yeah, good luck with that. I don't want no part in it. Thing is? I'll warn Mike, but he won't listen. Sometimes, seeing only the good in folks? Will get you killed.

We've All Done Things[]

I told Skizzo I'm not helping him push Iron Mike out of the way. Is the old man soft? Is he going to get everyone in the camp killed? I don't know. But like I said, there's some lines I haven't crossed, and betraying a man I owe a debt to? That's one of them. And I owe Iron Mike a lot.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

So Skizzo's great plan is remove Iron Mike and take over the Lost Lake camp. Like I told Skizzo, there are still a few lines I haven't crossed, and stabbing a friend in the back is one of them. I don't agree with Iron Mike on the Rippers, but he's a good leader. If Skizzo were in charge? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


  • The mission start time 9:00am. The mission ends at 9:30am. The weather is clear.