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  That's When I Knew is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Rikki finish the work at the hydro dam.


  • Clear the area of Rippers.
  • Return to your bike with Rikki.


I Remember[]

She wasn't the sentimental type, Sarah, I mean. If she were alive and knew that I carried around her photo like some kind of morose teenager, yeah, I think she'd give me shit. And not like I haven't thought about what Rikki's saying, about looking forward, not back, but when Rippers have a price on your head? Kind of hard to do.

Ripped Apart[]

Look, I didn't lie to Rikki. I don't know what Carlos thinks me and Boozer did, why they have a bounty on our heads. But I should have told her that, yeah, they probably followed me up to the dam, like they followed me to Marion Forks. I could have gotten us killed. I have to be more careful.

Earning Our Keep[]

We met Rikki when we rode through Tumalo. She helped us fight off a band of Keermeejies. How long ago was that? Rikki was good. Could take care of herself. When she decided to settle down at Lost Lake it was a loss. Everyone else we rode with, those first few months, are now gone, taken out by Freaks, marauders - Rippers. And now they want me and Boozer.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

I remember that night Rikki is talking about, back in Tumalo. It was cold, had been snowing for a few days, like she said. And I did pull out that photo of Sarah. But Rikki's wrong about me. I'm not living in the past. I just don't want to forget.



  • The mission start time 3:00pm. The mission ends no later than 4:00pm. The weather is clear.