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  That Never Gets Old is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride with Boozer to the Ripper compound in Iron Butte.


  • Get to the Sniper Tower.
  • Protect Boozer from the Rippers.
  • Drive to Ripper compound.


Surviving Isn't Living[]

There was never any doubt that me and Boozer were going to do this thing together. Stopping the Rippers, taking out Jessie, I didn't expect Boozer to be the one who planted the explosives though, putting his life on the line. I should have known better. No way was Boozer going to be sidelined, not when shit goes down.

Ripped Apart[]

We did it. We blew it up, the dam, the Ripper compound. At first, we were laughing. We did it! But then we just - shut the hell up. How many we just killed? Yeah, they were Rippers. But they were still people. Something like that, you don't laugh about. Never.

Keep Them Safe[]

We weren't happy about it, me and Boozer, killing all those Rippers. That was just the adrenaline, blowing up the dam, Boozer barely making it out of there alive. I try not to think about it. The human cost of it. Yeah, they were a bunch of murdering cultists, all of them. But like the Freaks, they used to be people. I'm sure Iron Mike will tell me all about it when he sees us again.



  • The mission start time 5:00pm. The mission ends at 8:00pm. The weather is clear.
  • At the beginning of the mission, any special weapon is replaced with the sniper rifle SSR.