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Once again — Cope — you don't know shit. Freaks ain't on anybody's side — and the world? It already belongs to them.

The Advanced Guard is the fourteenth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about NERO's role in the freaker epidemic.


What does NERO want? They disappear for two years, come back guns blazin'. Don't bother trying to find out. You'll get yourself killed. Besides, we already know. I been watchin' them skulk around, thinkin' they know these woods better than me. They're doin' something with the Freaks — trackin' em, studyin' em, watchin' em. Making notes in their little notebooks. And you know why? They're gathering info, seeing how long it takes for these sonsofbitches to die or starve off. Probably tryin' to get a read on when the Feds can re-emerge from their hidey-holes and crawl back into their unjust positions of power. For once, the Freaks are on our side. Longer they're here, longer the Feds can rot down there in their stony prison. The world may not be ours anymore, but thanks to the Freaks, it doesn't belong to the Feds either.