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The Cloverdale Virus is the fifth of Sarah's Lab Notes. It is automatically rewarded in We Couldn't Take the Risk.


Sarah's lab notes about going back to Cloverdale and her role creating the virus that infected the world.


Lab note two one zero. Felt really strange — going back to Cloverdale — to the labs. Finally getting a look inside the clean room — God, what I wouldn't give to have access to that lab right now. But at least I have a DNA sequencer. I can finally do this.

I told Deacon everything — what happened back then. That my research was a part of it. The virus. He didn't have much to say, but — I guess — I mean, Jesus — what could he say? Oh, I dunno, maybe I shouldn't have told him. But I had to. I just had to.

Jesus, the clean room. The Cloverdale super secret lab — they had culture jars — filled with fetal tissue samples. Hard to verify, and I didn't want — but we had to get back, so — I didn't. But there were a lot — a lot. Human, fetal, dog, cat, horse — mammals mostly, it looked like.

One of the sample storage cases was broken. It — it looked like — like the low-pressure mercury vapor tube was disconnected and — I mean, that's how the virus got out. God, Gorman was such an idiot. I mean, how long was he a research intern? And he still didn't know clean-room protocol?

Wait, wait — why was I making this recording? I was — the DNA sequencer — oh, fuck it. I killed Jim Moore. He and his asshole security team murdered — they murdered — my colleagues — my friends. I mean, they were just trying to save their families for Christ's sake. And you what I did? I put my gun in his Goddamn face and I pulled the trigger. Just like that. And I didn't feel a Goddamn thing.

We got stranded in the snow — on the way back from Cloverdale. Deacon — we — I don't know. I don't know, I mean — maybe it can be like it was.

Oh, God, Sarah. The DNA sequencer. Okay. All — all I need — is a live test subject. To — to test the serum. A live test subject — I know just the one.