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No, Cope — the cemeteries are filled with Freakers, not martyrs. And ya had to keep moving, 'cause if anyone had found your unmarked van, they'd have blown it to hell — just so we wouldn't have to listen to your bullshit Radio Free Oregon.

The Dead Can't Speak is the sixth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about the martyrs who've died in vain.


The start of this living hell that is now our life came as a surprise to no one who was listening to me when shit went down. And I — was one of the few. Most who spoke out against the Feds? Well, things didn't go so great for them. The cemeteries are filled with martyrs. Also, those who sought to call out the bullshit and the lies when they saw it, I know, because they came after me. I started Radio Free Oregon in the last weeks before the Feds fell. Broadcast from an unmarked van, moving from town to town, in the days 'fore the roads became choked with cars and the bridges destroyed, trying, in vain, to stop the Freaks.