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Thing is, Cope? Fuel prices have come down lately, way down. Only problem is ya gotta find it yourself. And last I checked, there's plenty of assholes out here trying to take what's "rightfully ours."

The Earth is Ours is the eighteenth radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about taking back the Earth.


This Earth is a gift for us all, to use as we see fit, to provide for ourselves and our families. I'm not saying this, it's the Lord that gave us dominion over it. But that wasn't enough for some men — they wanted more. When our fuel got low, they jacked up the prices, so they could consolidate power into their own hands. So, we wanted to build dams for electricity, but their precious runs of salmon were more important than heating our homes. We wanted to cut a few trees to build those homes, but the nests of a few spotted owls were more important than the entire timber industry. Now that the Feds've gone to ground, let's just say we've eliminated the middle man. No one can stop us from taking what's rightfully ours.