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Ah, Jesus — even all the way down here. I can't get away from Goddamned Radio Free Oregon.

The Federal Ark is the eleventh radio segment of Radio Free Oregon.


Copeland's Radio Free Oregon broadcast about the global conspiracy.


The Feds were whining babies, suckling at the teat of us taxpayers. But dumb as they were, we can't underestimate ’em. You gotta know the chief muckety-mucks are hiding out there in some bunker, waiting for the Freaks to die off. They didn't save the hungry, or their precious constituents — you know, the real reason they're in power? They saved the elite, the men and women who played ball. They're sittin' underground probably drinkin' Champagne while they wait. Meanwhile, we're out here dyin' — sufferin' — all so the Feds can hit the damn reset button. But they didn't account for one thing: we're not as stupid as they thought we were. And once they emerge to "reclaim the world" when the Freaks are gone, we'll be waitin'. Oh, yes we will. And they'll be sorry they ever came out of hiding.