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DaysGone The Growler(SpecialWeapon) Silhouette

''The Growler'' is a Special Weapon used in a few side missions in Days Gone. It is a heavily-customized six-barreled minigun with a shoulder stock, ammo drum, integral battery pack, and modified forend capable of short bursts of automatic fire.


The ultimate weapon for killing the Horde. - description.

Condition: Level 5 (Special Forces)
Magazine: 105-round belt drum.


The Growler was originally designed for use in the game before it was cut. There are mods that restore its use in game.

The Growler Evolved Mod v2.0 (Created by MaVeRicK)[]
Special Thanks to NeroLigerzid for their help.

There are three different versions of the gun for use in the game. (Only one version can be used at a time.)

  • Growler Ultimate Evolved: adds infinite ammo.
  • Growler Ultimate No Recoil: adds infinite ammo and no recoil.
  • Growler Primary: changes weapon to Primary slot.

It can be unlocked at Wizard Island camp at Trust level 3 for 9,999 credits.

  • The bundle contains a mod that allows it to be unlocked earlier at Hot Springs or Lost Lake.
  • The Growler can now be reloaded. Growler Fill Ammo costs 99 credits at the camp where you bought it.
  • The bundle contains a mod that can optionally change the reticle.


  • It looks like an upgrade of "Ol' Painless", the minigun carried by mercenary Blain Cooper (Jesse "The Body" Ventura) in the film Predator (1987).
    • Both The Growler and Ol' Painless are based on the GE M134 Minigun chambered in 7.62 NATO.
  • The Growler can be found on the top floor of the hotel near the Hot Springs, in the Surrounded challenge.