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The Stagecoach Legend - "Rushing for Gold" is a historical marker collectible in Days Gone.


Historical Marker found in Chemult in the Highway 97 Corridor.


The Stagecoach Legend (1812 - 1879) was one of the greatest stagecoach drivers in American history, as well as one of the first transgender people to vote in a presidential election in California. Assigned female at birth, he was reared in an orphanage in New England where he ran away as a youth, changing his name and transitioning to male. It was there that he was adopted by a rancher, who trained him as a stable hand. Following the California Gold Rush, he moved to California where he became a famed stagecoach driver. Though he spent most of his life in California, he often drove people from California to Oregon and back on what is now known as Highway 97. He often stopped in this spot to drop off or pick up new passengers.

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