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  There's Nothing You Can Do is the final mission of Finding NERO and the final ending in Days Gone.


Deacon is suddenly contact by O'Brian, who wants to personally speak with him face-to-face at the Pioneer Cemetery. Upon meeting O'Brian, the NERO scientist warns Deacon about the Freaker virus evolving, as they had spoken about this prior, and unmasked his helmet, revealing that he has become an intelligent Freaker. Furthermore, O'Brian reveals that NERO had known about the virus's mutagenic effects all along and that they are coming, and that there nothing anyone can do to stop them. O'Brian then departs on the NERO helicopter, leaving Deacon completely shocked.


  • Ride to the NERO LZ.


  • 4,000 XP
  • ICPA Stun Gun recipe


Like I said, not good news for the rest of us. So O'Brian's a Freak. A smart Freak. Every NERO asshole wearing a spacesuit? A smart Freak. All the secrecy, the field missions, dissections? NERO command knew all along. The HAZMAT suits aren't to protect them fro the virus, but from what, us? O'Brian says they're coming. That's there's nothing we can do to stop them. I say, let them come.