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  They're Not Sleeping is a mission in Days Gone.


Infiltrate a NERO Landing Zone to find out what they're up to.


  • Follow NERO researcher.
  • Return to your bike.


I Remember[]

The night Farewell burned, the night I lost Sarah, O'Brian was the soldier who took Sarah on the chopper. O'Brian, I'm sure of it. Now NERO shows up, two years later, out of nowhere, studying Freaks? And they mention this guy by name, like he's still alive. O'Brian. How is he still alive?

Finding NERO[]

So NERO shows up out of nowhere. For two years, we think everything's gone. No more army, cell towers, satellites, airplanes, government. Nothing. All gone. Then a NERO chopper shows up out of nowhere. Are they here to help? No, they're studying Freaks. What's up with that?



  • The entrance to the second floor of the cave is on the right.
  • The mission start time 4:00am, the mission ends at 5:00am. The weather is light rain.
  • Between the missions "Out of Nowhere" and "They're Not Sleeping", the number of "days gone" increases by one.
  • After the mission, it becomes possible to pick up Researcher Field Note - 2055.