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  They Don't Feel Pain is a mission in Days Gone.


Follow Skizzo through Ripper territory.


  • Walk with Skizzo.


Ripped Apart[]

Rippers and their rituals and sigils and bonfires. You know, at the end of the day, who would have cared, if they'd have just crawled into some shitty corner of the world to do their thing, left the rest of us alone. But they had to drag us into their nightmare. It's going to end.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Yeah, he's an asshole, but again it seems like when it counts, Skizzo will do the right thing. No way was I going to leave that woman with the broken legs to be eaten alive by the Freaks. And it took a little persuading, but Skizzo came around to seeing things my way. Thank God, or I'd have tied his ass up and left him in her place.

Keep Them Safe[]

Came across a woman the Rippers had tortured. They broke her legs, used an air horn to call in Freaks for a meal. She wasn't going to make it, so I had to put her out of her misery. The world has gone to shit. I give Iron Mike credit for one thing: I'd rather live in his version of the world than the one Carlos and the Rippers are building.



  • The mission start time 10:00pm. The mission ends at 11:30pm. The weather is clear.