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  They Don't Like Visitors is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Rikki at the hydro dam.


  • Clear Freaker Nests in the Junction Box Room.
  • Return to your bike with Rikki.


Earning Our Keep[]

Rikki and I squared things away at the dam, flipping switches, fixing junction boxes, transformers, turbines and all the rest of it. I hope Iron Mike knows how lucky he is to have someone like her around, who knows how to use a wrench and isn't afraid to go out into the shit to do it.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

I don't know why I asked Rikki about her old man, her older brothers. I guess I just want to figure out how she did it - moved on. See Boozer lost Joany before shit went down, my old man's been dead for years. My mom, when I was a kid. Rikki lost her whole family, just like I lost Sarah. How do you get over something like that?


  • The mission start time 2:00am. The mission ends at 3:00pm. The weather is clear.