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  They Will Never Stop is a mission in Days Gone.


Fight Rippers to reach the Infirmary.


  • Rescue the Hostages.
  • Reach the Infirmary.



Surviving Isn't Living[]

Like I said before, Boozer and me, we're not proud of what happened that night, way back in the day, when Jack "burned" Jessie out of the MC. But it happened. Nothing we can do about it now. And Skizzo's right about one thing: The Rippers aren't going to stop. As long as Boozer's living in Lost Lake? And the Rippers are around? Nothing will stop Jessie. Nothing.

Ripped Apart[]

Hopefully Iron Mike's beginning to see the truth. The word of Carlos - Jessie - "grand-poobah of R.I.P." isn't worth crap. For a second I thought Mike was going to give us to him, to keep Lost Lake safe. I should have known better. Iron Mike isn't Skizzo.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Sometimes it takes almost losing someone to make you see, really see, how you feel about them. The look on Rikki's face, when she thought that Ripper was going to cut Addy's throat? Said more than words ever could.

It's All We've Got[]

When I saw what the Rippers had done, to Lost Lake, to Nicole, her friends, the others, I was expecting the worst. They almost killed Addy. If Iron Mike hadn't called that cease fire there wasn't much me or Rikki could have done to stop them. But watching Rikki and Addy together? I don't think Rikki's going to let anything like that happen again.

We've All Done Things[]

I guess when it came right down to it, I expected Iron Mike to sell us out, me and Boozer, to Jessie and the Rippers, I should have known better. Everything Iron Mike's ever said and done, since the day I met him, has shown that all he wants is to get the world back to what it was, a world that had laws, and respect, and justice. Even if it means not letting us kill Skizzo.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

Iron Mike wouldn't let us kill Skizzo, me and Boozer, or we would have done it, right there, right then. You don't want a rattle snake to bite you twice? Cut its damn head off.

Keep Them Safe[]

I don't get it. Iron Mike has seen what these assholes can do, but he still keeps signing treaties with "Carlos" and R.I.P. I don't care what Iron Mike says. Skizzo is right. The Rippers won't stop. There's only one way to keep this camp safe. Me and Boozer? It's up to us.



  • The mission start time 6:00am. The mission ends at 8:00am. The weather is clear.