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  Time For Some Payback is a mission in Days Gone.


Clear remaining Rippers at the compound in Iron Butte.


  • Enter the Ripper Lodge.
  • Clear the Area.
  • Enter the Ripper Lodge.


Surviving Isn't Living[]

Look, what we did to the Rippers, flooding them out like we did, drowning the lot of them, had to be done. We both knew it. The Rippers were never going to stop. No treaty was ever going to hold. But maybe Boozer's right, maybe, working a farm, making things grow? Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad way to spend the day.

Ripped Apart[]

Riding up to the Ripper compound, seeing the flooding, the corpses. Like I said, I'm not proud of it. Look, you saw what the Rippers did, to Lisa and Boozer, to all those helpless people strung up on sigils all over the wilderness. Breaking their legs, cutting them, leaving them to be eaten alive. Does it make it right? What we did? Me and Boozer? I don't know. But we've put a stop to it. To me? That's good enough.

Keep Them Safe[]

A few Rippers survived the flood, but not many. Their "temple" is gone. Once we kill Jessie it won't matter if there are a few stragglers here and there. Rest In Peace will be gone.



  • The mission start time 8:00pm. The mission ends at 12:00am. The weather is clear.