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Trust Level is one of the many metrics in Days Gone


Trust Level is unique to camps. You can reach up to Level 3 of Trust on each camp. Every level of Trust reached unlocks new weapons, throwable items, new gear and decals for your motorcycle. 

Trust is basically your relationship in camps and settlements. The more people trust you, the better your relationship will be to the specific camp.


Increasing Trust Levels[]


Collecting Freaker Ears and turn them in camps will not only reward you with Camp Credits, but you'll also gain Trust.

Camp Leaders will have jobs once in a while for you to do. This could be bounties, story missions, or jobs. Completing them will increase your Trust Levels.


Each camp will have a kitchen that you can turn in food, such as meat and vegetables for credits. Doing so will raise your Trust in the camp too.

Wiping out a Horde will earn Trust in the camp located in the same territory as the Horde.

Eliminating Ambush Camps will raise your Trust in camps.

Alternate Ending[]

Copeland's Camp and Tucker's Camp will join in on the final fight against the Militia if they are at Trust Level 3 before doing the mission.