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  Trying To Help The Camp is a mission in Days Gone.


Meet up with Skizzo.


  • Meet Skizzo.



Keep Your Friends Close[]

So Skizzo knows where we can get det cords, so we can use those explosives to seal the caves. That's just great. They happen to be in Ripper territory. At least this time, he's coming with me. So if we break Iron Mike's treaty again? It's on Skizzo.

Keep Them Safe[]

So Skizzo wants to steal more shit from the Rippers, thinks he's talking me into it, like he did last time, when I got the antibiotics for Boozer. I don't trust the guy. Why would I? But needing the det cords seems legit. And I don't mind killing a few Rippers if they get in the way. And we still need to seal those caves, so I'm in.