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Tucker suici

Tucker - "I Can't Go On" is a character collectible in Days Gone.


A suicide note from Tucker's husband, found in Marion Forks.


Ada — Sorry about this, I really am, coming a week out of your retirement and all, I know you were looking forward to camping and what not. Truth is, I can't take the pain no more, my back, my knees — hell, holding this pen and sittin here hurts like a son of a bitch, you know it ain't getting no better. I got doc Kramer to double up my meds, told him we was going on a trip, and well, you're reading this, so you know, I wasn't lying. Just not the sort of trip he was thinking, or the sort you come back from. So understand, I know you do, but I'm telling you anyway, you got nothing to do with this, its all on me, you remember that, I love you — I know I never said it much, but you always knew. Bein married 40 years'll teach you a few things, we always said that. You know where all the papers and such are, everything in good order. You're gonna be just fine, Ada, just fine.

Love, Henry