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Inventory icon of the US556

The US556 is an assault rifle in Days Gone that occupies the Primary Weapon slot.


"With military-grade reliability, this weapon is effective from medium to long range." - In-game Description.

Condition: Level 3 (Average)
Magazine: 30-round box magazine. (50-round extended box magazine).
Cost: 3,750 credits.


  • Found at Hot Springs camp and unlocks for sale at Trust level 3. A 50-round extended magazine upgrade unlocks at Trust level 3 that can be purchased.
  • One can be found in the bed of a military truck by the road directly west of the Iron Butte Resort mass grave.


  • The US556 is based on the M4A1 carbine in its Block II configuration with the Daniel Defense RIS II handguard. It also has a Magpul STR buttstock, Magpul MBUS sights, and a SureFire SF3P flash hider.
  • Its name is based on its country of origin, the United States, and the caliber of ammunition it fires, 5.56x45mm NATO.
  • Trailers for the game depicted it without any sights at all, but its world model is equipped with a set of foldable iron sights in the final game. Its inventory image, however, remains without sights.
  • Deacon holds the US556 in a "C" Clamp grip. This grip method has the user grip the handguard forward near the muzzle with their support hand, giving them more stability and faster recovery from recoil.