Days Gone Wiki

General Info[]

Though the vehicles found throughout the world of Days Gone no longer function, that doesn't mean they are without some use. As mentioned by one of the developers of Days Gone, almost every vehicle is searchable, holding craftable items, oil filters for makeshift silencers, nothing or possible danger. They also can serve as convenient cover from hostiles or vise versa. But, besides all of that, they certainly serve as a grim reminder of the Pre-Infected world.

Official Description[]

Vast and hostile environments can be fully explored on the back of Deacon’s Drifter Bike. Abandoned Vehicles can be searched for useful items.


Before the Outbreak people would use their personal cars to transit from one place to another. Some of them were parked while their owners were at work or out on the town, but others were still in their vehicles when the infection hit. While others had time to evacuate, you will see many instances of people not even having the chance to leave their car to run. Even if they did get away or didn't, their belongings are still in their vehicle, just sitting there waiting for you to claim them.

Aside from their newfound utility, they serve as a grim tale of how fast disaster can strike without warning.

Types of vehicles:

  • Regular Cars: Regular cars can contain a wide variety of crafting materials, from cans to kerosene to scrap to rags.
  • Police Cars/SUVs: Police vehicles, those still available to loot, will provide the player with ammo for the various firearms Deacon may carry at the moment of looting.
  • Bus:
  • Tow Truck: Tow trucks will carry fuel cans and are often found at or near checkpoints.
  • Ambulance: Ambulances can be searched to recover Medkits - strong healing items.