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  We're Fighting A War is a mission in Days Gone.


Search the Diamond Lake Militia Encampment for Sarah.


  • Walk with Captain Kouri.
  • Search the Diamond Lake Militia Encampment.
  • Meet Captain Kouri at your bike.


I Remember[]

Kouri has my ring. The last time I saw this ring it was on Sarah's finger, the night I put her on that NERO chopper. It's the ring I used when I proposed to her. It's one of a kind. There's no way Sarah would give it to this asshole willingly.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

Kouri has my Mongrels ring. I had it made when i was patched into the MC, solid silver, engraved. On the front is the number "13" which for most guys in the MC stood for "M" or "Mayhem." For me it was the number of my old unit in the 10th Mountain. On the inside of the ring is this inscription: "I ride in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no one." It's a one of a kind ring. And now it's sitting on Kouri's finger.

How He'd Survive?[]

Ran into another drifter at the Diamond Lake Militia fort. A drifter named Wade Taylor. Funny, he's the first person to ever ask me about my name, Deacon St. John. No, my old man wasn't a preacher, but I asked my father once, about the name. He said my mom named me, the night I was born. The night she died. He wouldn't say any more.