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  We're Not Hiding is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Skizzo get the TNT out of the Lucky Lad Mine.


  • Walk with Skizzo.
  • Get TNT from the storeroom.


Ripped Apart[]

Skizzo said a drifter came through, saw Boozer at the farm, saw his Mongrels jacket. Told Skizzo about a bounty. Carlos has put the word out, he wants the Mongrels. So first Copeland, then Alkai, then the note we found at the dam and now Skizzo. I guess Carlos must want us pretty bad. Wish I knew why.

Earning Our Keep[]

Skizzo confirmed what I already knew: the Rippers are looking for me and Boozer. No idea why. Yeah, we've had our share of run-ins with the bastards, but no more than anyone else. So why us? I don't have time to worry about it now. We have to get these explosives, help Iron Mike seal the Metolius Cave. But once things have settled down at Lost Lake, and Boozer's place here is secure? I'm going to see what's up with the Rippers.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

I don't agree with Skizzo about much, but we agree about the Rippers. He's right. Rest In Peace isn't going to honor Iron Mike's treaty. They'll take what they want. It's only a matter of time. Skizzo's smart. Give him credit for that. He and I see what Iron Mike refuses to see.



  • The mission start time 2:00am. The mission ends at 9:00am. The weather is clear.