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  We Couldn't Take The Risk is a mission in Days Gone.


Secure the Cloverdale Facility.


  • Turn off Cloverdale's Electric Fences.
  • Burn the Crier nests.
  • Return to your bike.


  • 10,000 XP
  • 700 Trust (Wizard Island)


I'm Never Giving Up[]

Well, that's a lot to take in. They knew the pandemic started on the west coast. Portland, San Francisco, Seattle were all hit early. But here? Farewell? Sarah's lab? I can't wrap my head around it. But like I told her, no way any of this is her fault. She's not to blame. And she has to stop beating herself up over it. We can't change the past. All I know is, I'm here. She's here. We're going to pull through this.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

Rikki said she was glad that I found Sarah. She sounded like she meant it. And Boozer? The old man made Boozer head of security. How about that? I told Rikki about the corn. Hope they can get to it, feed folks at the camp. It was good to hear her voice again.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

Kouri radioed to check up on us while we were still at Cloverdale. The asshole guard at the Thielsen Pass checkpoint reported us going through, just like he said he would. I got the sense Kouri was worried we weren't coming back. I wish that was true.