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  What Did You Do? is a mission in Days Gone.


Clear the abandoned NERO refugee camp.


  • 0/9 Clear Camp of Freakers.
  • Place Stonecrop on Sarah's Memorial Stone.


I Remember[]

Boozer tells me to not come up here, asks what's good it do. I keep telling him I come up here to hunt Freaks, nothing else. We both know it's a lie. I keep thinking about that night in Farewell, when I put you on the chopper. I play it over and over in my head. But I couldn't have just left him there, Boozer I mean, to get out on his own. Could I?

Finding NERO[]

Back in the day there were refugee camps like this all over the high desert, from Grass Valley to the Malheur Reservoir. Now? All gone. We rode to a half dozen of them, me and Boozer, over the first few weeks, before the roads got so choked off. We never saw another NERO chopper after that night. Not one. Now I realize NERO must have all bugged out, everywhere at once, and crawled into a hole, leaving us to die.