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What Have They Done is a mission in Days Gone.


Rescue Lisa from the Rippers.


  • Track Lisa.
  • Get to Lisa.
  • Free Lisa.
  • Get Lisa to your bike.
  • Get on your Bike.
  • Ride with Lisa to meet Rikki.


You're Safe Now[]

Damn Rippers. They attacked the Hot Springs, took Lisa. I killed every one of the bastards. I didn't take her back to the Hot Springs, just couldn't do it. I sent her to Lost Lake instead. She'll be safe there, and Iron Mike? He's tough, but fair. Rikki didn't seem too happy to see me. Guess I don't blame her.

Someone That I Used To Know[]

I first met Rikki when we'd been on the road only a few months, me and Boozer. We'd come out of Farewell, she'd come down from Portland, riding through the gorge. Highway 97 was still open early on, and a group of us, maybe a dozen, rode through Tumalo together. At Lost Lake, she decided to stay, we moved on. No hard feelings - no feelings at all, really.

Ripped Apart[]

The Rippers tortured Lisa, cut her up pretty bad. First they hurt Boozer, and now they hurt Lisa. So I'm going to hurt them. Every last one of them.



  • The mission start time 4:00pm, the weather is clear. The mission ends at 8:36am.