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  What Kept Me Going is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride north over the Thielsen Pass to the Cloverdale Facility.


  • Ride to the Thielsen Pass with Sarah.
  • Ride North to Cloverdale.


I'm Never Giving Up[]

I remember riding over the Thielsen Pass, alone, unsure if she was alive or dead. Seems like forever ago. Riding back with Sarah now, taking her to Cloverdale? Seemed like it wasn't even the same trail. Seeing the world, through her eyes is like seeing it for the first time. Yeah, I know. Bullshit. Doesn't change what it is.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

When we were getting ready to ride out, Captain Kouri and the Colonel stopped us at the gate. For a minute I didn't think they were going to let her leave. Kouri's been putting a lot of pressure on Sarah to finish her work. He's not making it any easier.

Law And Disorder[]

For a minute there I thought the Colonel was going to let Sarah leave, telling her what I was just saying about Doc Jiminez, that she's more valuable than any piece of equipment, that she can't be replaced. But Sarah - she wasn't having any of that. I'd hate to be the guy who tried to stop her from doing anything that she had a mind to.