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  Why Am I Here? is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride out to meet O'Brian.



  • 3,000 XP


I Remember[]

If it's not one thing it's another. First I think Sarah died at the refugee camp near Three Fingered Jack. But no, their chopper was diverted south. Then I'm told she died with her camp when the salt flats was overrun. Then I guessed right. Her federal clearance saved her from being left behind, only to be overrun by Militia. I'm not going to say she's alive. O'Brian honestly doesn't know. But there's a chance. And that's all I need.

Finding NERO[]

I wasn't hearing what O'Brian was saying at the time, about the Freaks evolving. But I knew it was happening. The Freak NERO was dissecting in the field, the albino we call Bleachers, those have only been around a few months. And the big guys, Breakers. They're also new. Who knows what else is out there.