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Wolves are one of the types of animals in Days Gone.


Wolves are first encountered early in the game. They will wander the landscape in search of food. They are shy by nature, and will typically avoid Deacon. Upon starting to attack, they will howl before going on attack mode.

Attack Types[]

The wolf has three different attack types:

  1. One attack type involves the wolf running towards the player and jumps to attack with its jaws, dealing light damage.
  2. Another attack type involves the wolf jumping and then grappling the player's arm. With the escape artist skill, the player can quickly defeat the wolf after escaping from the grapple. Sometimes, the wolf can grapple the player's leg instead of the arm.
  3. Another attack type involves the wolf walking slow and rapidly biting the player if he gets very close to it.


Even though wolves pose a relatively minor threat, they are a little more challenging to defeat compared to swarmers, as trying to attack them with a melee weapon will have them bite the player in the process. An effective way to defeat wolves is to take them down within range, such as shooting it with ranged weapons. Another effective way to defeat a wolf pack is to throw a smoke bomb at them as this will make them stunned by having them vomit, giving the player an easy attempt to take them down with melee weapons.