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Yeast is the second of Sarah's Lab Notes. It is automatically rewarded in I Know Things Are Strange.


Sarah's lab notes about the yeast Deacon brought her and how she's using it.


Lab note two zero seven. Deacon brought me the yeast I needed. Okay, I'm making a note about the yeast here, and not my husband — God, that sounds so strange to hear myself to say that. My husband. My dead husband. But he's not dead — he's doing runs for me. And yeah — yup, that's pretty fucking strange. He's so much better than the lazy grunts Matt used to have assigned to me.

Alright, yeast. So, I'm using the yeast — as an active carrier for the viral proteins — the plasmids — with enough yeast cultures I can — oh, shit — note that I need a warming device, not too hot — an — an egg incubator. Something.

Using the column chromatographer I can purify the viral proteins that I need, and then inject into living subjects for testing. God, I really wish I had a centrifuge — it would make purifying the virus so much simpler.

He's really angry — Deacon. You know, my dead husband. Oh — God, I don't know how to tell him — I don't know how to make it okay that — you know — I need to focus — on this. And he's out there — risking his life — for this. And — and I'm — here — here I am playing scientist with a bunch of yeast cells. Alright, back to work.