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  You Alone I Have Seen is a mission in Days Gone.


Help Captain Kouri test Weaver's new Napalm Molotov.


  • Clear the Chemult Horde.
  • Return to Captain Kouri.


  • 10,000 XP
  • 700 Trust (Wizard Island)


I'm Never Giving Up[]

Now it's hit the fan. Soon as we make a plan to bug out, everything blows up. Literally. Weaver's Napalm Molotov works just like he planned. His reward? Get locked up in a cave along with Sarah. Now I have to find a way to get her off this island, with every damn Militia soldier keeping a close eye on her.

An Officer And A Gentleman[]

The officers' mess. That's what Kouri said, meaning I'm up for a promotion. To lieutenant, probably. Put me right up there with Weaver and Sarah. Maybe they'll even let me move into the ark with them. I don't blame Kouri for any of this. It was the Colonel's call. And given what happened to Doc Jiminez? I can't even blame the Colonel. I blame myself, for not getting us off this island long before now.

Blow It Up Good[]

Weaver's Napalm Molotov worked. Like I said, Weaver's an okay guy. Knows his stuff. Knows how to get shit done. I wish I could tell him that he didn't "win" the competition with Sarah to be the first to make a super weapon, because she was never in it to win. Not like that. Weaver and the Colonel want to burn the world to the ground. Sarah want's to save it.

A Good Soldier[]

Mission accomplished. Weaver's Napalm Molotov works, though it turns out, we probably don't need it. Taking on Hordes is more about strategy than firepower. And having a good set of lungs. You have to be able to run like hell, blow shit up on the move. If I were going to stick around I'd write this all up, give Kouri a plan of action. Maybe next time.

Horde Killer[]

We did it. Me and Weaver did it. Made a Napalm Molotov that can burn down a Horde. It takes more than that, yeah, I know, boy do I know, but it's a start. From now on? Maybe I'm done running from Hordes. Who knows? Maybe we can win this war.