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  You Can't Do This Alone is a mission in Days Gone.


Attack Wizard Island.


  • Drive to Location.
  • Fight your way into the Ark.
  • Clear all Militia.
  • Disarm the explosives.
  • Get to the Colonel's Chamber.


Race Against Time[]

Boozer's dead. He gave his life so we could win this thing. Killing Skizzo, the Colonel, won't bring Boozer back, won't erase the pain, but I don't care. I'm coming for them and nothing's going to stop me.

Keep Your Friends Close[]

It's Skizzo's fault that Boozer is dead. That the Colonel has Sarah. That Rikki, Addy, the others, are here risking their lives to stop the Militia. I don't care what else happens on this day. Skizzo? Is going to die.