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  You Could Have Done More is a mission in Days Gone.


Ride out to meet with O'Brian, again.


  • Ride to O'Brian.
  • Talk to O'Brian.
  • Return to Boozer.


I Remember[]

So she didn't make it. Yeah, she made it through that night. Or at least the stab wound didn't kill her. I owe O'Brian for that, at least. But the camp she was at was overrun. NERO bugged out, left Sarah and everyone else behind. I should have been there with her. She shouldn't have died alone. At least now I know.

Surviving Isn't Living[]

Not enough that I find out from O'Brian that this whole thing was a waste of time, that Sarah didn't make it after all. But when I get back to the bike, Boozer's gone. Where did he run off to? Not like we don't have enough trouble without Boozer getting into more.

Finding NERO[]

So NERO has a base, had a base, on the salt flats outside of Silver Lake. We never made it down that far, me and Boozer, when the world blew up. Highway 97 was choked off, no way through Farewell, too many Freaks. All the bridges were blown, the tunnels sealed. There was no way south. We tried. We should have tried harder.



  • The time is set at 7:00am and does not change. The weather is clear. After the mission, the number of "days gone" increases by one.