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  "You Got a Death Wish" is a story mission in Days Gone. It is part of the He's My Brother storyline.


Search for a fuel pump at the Crazy Willie's truck stop.



He's My Brother[]

We were ambushed at Crazy Willies and Rippers - cultist bastards belonging to Rest In Peace - took a torch to Boozer's arm. Tried to burn his tats off. Rippers. What is wrong with them? Boozer's arm is bad but he'll pull through. I know it. He has to.

Ripped Apart[]

I remember the first time we saw Rippers, a year ago, maybe more. A group of them were moving down the Santiam Highway, chanting and yelling their "follow the path" bullshit. When they saw us they went crazy, attacked us for no reason. We killed a half dozen of the bastards before the rest ran off. Now this.



  • The time during the mission changes from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, but by the end of the mission the time returns to 3:30 pm. The weather is heavy rain or light rain, the number of "days gone" is 735.